DCOS wins important Retrofit order as Herenco Press secures productivity int its KBA press

KINNA, SWEDEN, October 22, 2012 – Herenco Press, which belongs to the media group Hallpressen, had in 2011 announced plans to invest in a new printing press at its printing plant in Jönköping. In 2012, it moved the focus to develop and secure their existing printing press and mailroom to meet future challenges and demand. Herenco currently prints on a KBA Express where they are able to produce up to 160 pages tabloid distributed over two folders.

“In our quest to create a future secure and efficient production facility, one of our major areas of focus was the existing drive and control system from Honeywell. Large parts of the system consist of components that are currently running obsolete, also costly, and we have had to find a solution where we can secure the future operation and support” says Herenco’s project manager Håkan Sandstedt and continues:

“Now we have found a solution that not only secures future operation of our press but also provides a system platform under continual development and a supplier that besides drive and control system has an exciting offering in its inspection systems for color density and register. This is interesting from the perspective of efficiency and quality”.

DCOS will supply a complete drive and control system solution based on proven systems and components customized for the individual needs in this project. The scope of supply also includes three of the five new control desks will be equipped with Softproofing functionality and each plating position on the printing units will be equipped with a touch screen containing pagination and status information.

Björn Ross, production manager says,”DCOS solution has impressed us regarding the usability and user friendliness of the control desk and software, there is a clear idea in their concept and a simplicity that is very valuable to us as users. We have a very compressed production schedule and there is no room for downtime, DCOS provides redundant systems and a remote support solution that we feel very confident with.

The installation takes place in the spring of 2013 and the existing Honeywell system will be replaced function to function. The press will be fully operational throughout the installation period that will last approximately 14 weeks.

“We often say that we offer a new approach in the automation of printing presses and we are good at finding cost-effective solutions to our customers, this acquisition is a testament to that and we are very excited for this co-operation with Herenco. Drive and control systems are our basic offers but it is the combination of our inspection systems that makes us a total supplier and unique in the marketplace”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS.

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New Manroland Uniset Press first in line for DCOS’ intelligent CRC4 inspection scanner system

DCOS Sweden AB’s CRC4 multi-function scanner, launched during the recent drupa, will be featured on NR1 Trykk’s new manroland UNISET press scheduled for installation this fall in Biri, Norway.

Olav Engum, project director at NR1 Trykk, impressed with the extended capability of the CRC4, purchased DCOS’ fourth-generation inspection system at drupa. “We could see the advantages of one closed-loop scanner that measures and immediately corrects the key quality criteria – color-to-color register, density, dot gain, fan-out and print defects,” stated Engum.

The CRC4 scanner will be integrated with the manroland PECOM control system on the four-tower, one-folder UNISET press. The press will run popular Norwegian dailies Oppland Arbeiderblad, Ringerikes blad, østlendingen and Avisa Hadeland.

A simple concept that uses densitometry instead of color measurement, the technology offers excellent performance, yet is highly cost effective. With the aid of a motorized profile bar, the intelligent scanner swipes the entire web width to pick up online data. The collected inspection data also detects paper toning (scumming) and web wrinkles.

“Developed for high-speed newspaper production, the CRC4 uses high intensity LED’s for better contrast, and the scanner’s compact design makes it possible to mount on an unsupported web between idle rollers,” said Mattias Andersson, managing director of DCOS. “With lower upfront equipment costs and the efficiencies gained during production, the CRC4 does offer exceptional cost benefits for newspapers.”

“NR1 Trykk has worked with DCOS on a number of projects, so we’re confident with DCOS’ capabilities and exceptional management of its various technologies,” stated Sven K. Johansen, NR1 Trykk’s technical manager.

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