Björn Nickau

MWM and DCOS will start sales co-operation in the DACH region

Sweden, January 25th, 2018 – The Swedish based companies MWM Group and DCOS Sweden AB have agreed to join forces regarding sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The synergies between the companies are obvious; dynamic and flexible organizations offering complementing systems and services to automate, control and increase productivity and quality in printing.

MWM Group opened an office in Hamburg in early 2017 headed by Björn Nickau to further strengthen MWM´s position in the market and promote the MWM Print 365 Products, including Production Planning and Copy Track.

MWM Group is an interesting company with an impressive portfolio and strong focus on sales that fit well with our ambitions. I have known Björn Nickau for many years, he is a solid background in the industry working 19 years for EAE which obviously means he is familiar with the type of systems and solutions DCOS is offering. I´m very excited and optimistic about this co-operation”, says Mattias Andersson CEO at DCOS.

The co-operation is effective from January 1th 2018 and Björn Nickau will promote DCOS range of products to new and existing customers in the territory. DCOS is a global market leader in Closed-loop Density Systems for newspaper presses and a well-established provider of Retrofit solutions for press control and drive systems.

Björn Nickau explains; “With very interesting technical solutions in its Closed-Loop Inspection System and Drive & Control System Retrofit´s, DCOS is successful on the world-wide market. DCOS has already installations and good references in Germany but I´m very excited to have these solutions available for promotion to our markets”.

MWM solutions Print 365 for printers and Media 365 for publishers and media houses are of great interest to the European market

Since 2017 the MWM sales visited many newspaper and commercial printers especially in Germany and in Switzerland. We focus on our module-based Print 365 solutions which helps our customers within the newspaper and commercial printing industry to cut production cost and/or to increase revenue.
These proven solutions of MWM are already being used by a number of large German and Swiss printers like for example Swiss Printers, Burda Druck and TSB (Tiefdruck Schwann-Bagel). New projects will further increase the installed base in the year 2018.

In addition MWM Group has launched its MWM Media 365 product which attracted great interest at the Ifra World Publishing Expo & DCX Digital Content Expo in Berlin in September 2017.
The MWM Media 365 is a comprehensive solution for publishers and media houses for CRM, operations as well as total data management. The core module “Insight & Marketing” allows publishers the 360° view of their customers, to track data from their various activities, to standardize it, collate it and present it in configurable dashboards so that marketing initiatives and content can be optimally targeted. Two well-known large Scandinavian media houses are using the MWM Media 365 solution to manage the transition to new sales and marketing structures as well as to have opportunities to radically reduce the average age of their readership and to secure the long-term loyalty of tomorrow’s key customer groups.

There is a very good fit between the two companies products and services. Both deliver real value in supplying solutions with high quality and benefits. In addition both companies have a solid reputation for a long term comitment to the printing market and pleased customers. This is a further step to establish MWM Group as a strong player in the DACH area”. says Jörgen Karlsson, MWM Group

About DCOS Inspection System
DCOS Inspection Systems is a range of in-house developed camera based systems for the printing industry. The systems automate a majority of the traditionally manual quality adjustments made in the printing process. This in turn increases productivity and cost effectiveness as waste, start-up time, use of consumables and manning can be greatly reduced. At the same time a high and consistent quality is guaranteed. DCOS Inspection System measures solid ink micro marks. Offline densitometric measurement of ink solid is proven in the industry for decades, it simple and stable. DCOS has reengineered the concept and developed an online high-speed solution adaptable to any press. This technology is optimized for best performance, repeatability and effectiveness. This is proven at installation across the globe.

About DCOS
DCOS offers custom-designed automated solutions with a focus on user-friendliness, efficiency and reliability – the aim is to maximize the productivity of the customers. DCOS offers a new approach in operation and control systems, operator interfaces, production reporting and camera-based inspection systems for new and existing printing press installations, including retrofitting of existing presses- The company has installations across the world and operates a strong service organization based on a network of carefully selected and skilled agents and partners.

Contact information:
Jörgen Karlsson, MWM Group
+41 792272876

Björn Nickau, MWM Group
+49 1579 2350007

Mattias Andersson, CEO, DCOS Sweden AB
+46 320 207544