DCOS to showcase its AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS at IFRA 2019

KINNA, September 26, 2019 – DCOS is very excited to be exhibiting at the upcoming IFRA 2019! This past year DCOS has achieved great success and increased market penetration in Europe, Africa, and North America for our closed loop automation/inspection upgrades, and for our drive and controls retrofits.

Closed loop density, color register and cut-off control upgrades have been installed on Tensor, KBA, manroland, DGM & Goss presses world-wide this past year. We have also seen a keen interest in retrofitting drive and controls system on most press types as printers continue to look for newer, more modern systems with increased supportability to extend the operational life of their presses.

We´ll we have live demo of our Inspection system and our operator control desk.

Please visit us at Hall 21A, stand E.16, to learn how DCOS Automation can work for you!

OTM Avistryk, Bosch Rexroth Retrofit by DCOS

OTM AVISTRYK taps DCOS for large BOSCH REXROTH retrofit

KINNA, August 22, 2019 – DCOS Sweden AB is proud to announce a substantial contract to retrofit the existing Bosch Rexroth drive system at OTM Avistryk Herning-Ikast A/S in Ikast, Denmark. The existing equipment consists of two Goss Universal 45 presses, with a total of twelve 4-high printing towers and two folders installed in early 2000, comprise over 70 drives and motors. The presses are by an EAE press control system and AMAL splicers.

In the 1990’s, Bosch Rexroth, with its well-known brand Indramat, took part in transforming the graphic arts industry from traditional mechanical line shafts to shaftless drive transmission. In the last 20+ years, Shaftless technology has been the predominant method to run and control printing presses and industry leading OEMs like KBA, Goss, DGM, and Solna has relied on Bosch Rexroth´s technology.

Many of these presses were equipped with the DIAX series of drives and the CLC motion controller. All based on SERCOS II fiber optics. Like all electronics, the service life of components is limited and especially on power electronics making the DIAX system a challenge to maintain today. There are many short-term solutions available to extend service life for a few years, but most do not involve any change in technology. This approach only delays the inevitable, which is a complete retrofit in the near future.

In 2015 DCOS developed an industry unique Retrofit concept for the DIAX platform, a step-by-step migration of the old DIAX system to a modern drive system platform, the same platform we use on new presses toady. The investment is targeted towards a new state-of-the-art technology, and gradually the old SERCOS II fiber optic system is removed and replaced with a standardized, non-proprietary Ethernet based bus system.

OTM Avistryk realized a few years back that they needed to extend the operational life of the Bosch Rexroth system on their Goss presses to fight obsolescence and to ensure uptime of their presses.

Frank Haberstroh, Managing Director says; “We are dedicated to printing and predict to do so for a long time. We heard about the DCOS retrofit solution for the DIAX drive system and got very interested as we were seeking for a more long-term approach than what was previously offered to us. We saw a DCOS retrofit on a Universal press and it was very convincing. Originally, we talked about step-by-step retrofit, but in the end, we decide it was more cost effective for us to do a complete retrofit on our six tower, one folder press.”

In April the contact was signed for the retrofit of thirty-two drives and four CLC motion controllers. The proprietary motor encoders will also be replaced by standard encoders. The retrofit will start in the end of August and will be competed in four weeks.

“Creating cost effective solutions with a technical edge has always been the strength of DCOS. I´m particularly proud of this solution. It’s the only truly future-proof solution offered today, completely based on standard hardware, cost-effective, and adaptable step-by-step. OTM Avistryk is the seventh press undergoing an DCOS retrofit of Bosch Rexroth system and we are thankful for the trust Frank and his team relies on us”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO DCOS Sweden AB.

V-TAB Landvetter DCOS Retrofit

V-TAB LANDVETTER turns to DCOS for their second retrofit project

KINNA, May 22, 2019 – The V-TAB group with headquarters in Göteborg, Sweden, is a major player for printed media in Nordic countries. With Newspapers, Inserts, Magazines and other Commercial products and a total of four coldest printing plants across in the south of Sweden, newspaper production is their largest business.

In 2010 V-TAB made a large investment in building a new printing facility in Landvetter Sweden. A used manroland Colorman press (originally from Stockholm) was purchased, refurbished and installed, including a press control system Retrofit and a conversion to shaftless by the German company EAE.

In 2016, V-TAB saw the emerging need to address the increasing print quality challenges on its 9-cylinder Colorman satellite units. At the same time V-TAB shuttered its printing plant in Örebro which had three Koenig & Bauer (K&B) Commander satellite towers in good condition.

In the end of March 2017, things became more critical and V-TAB reached out to DCOS and asked for urgent assistance in their retrofit project. The first K&B tower was mechanically installed and ready for electrical retrofit and installation with the intent to commission in early summer. Question was placed if DCOS could manage the project in the given short time frame.

After two weeks of intensive technical study and negotiations, the contract was signed and DCOS immediately assigned an engineering team to the project.

“This is the first time we experienced executing a project this size in such short notice. It´s obviously a huge challenge and the close proximity to V-TAB Landvetter was important. Four weeks after the contract signing, we started retrofitting hardware on the tower and another 4 weeks later we were running”, says Mattias Andersson, managing director at DCOS.

Since the project began in April 2017 two identical towers have been installed, retrofitted and commissioned. In the next weeks the third and last tower will be commissioned. In addition, V-TAB also decided to invest in DCOS Closed-Loop Density, Register and Cut-off control for the three K&B Satellite towers.

Dan Eriksson, Project Manager V-TAB, added; “Getting DCOS involved in our project turned into a huge success for us, not only did they help us keep our critical schedule in place, but they also brought our level of automation to a higher standard, with a full scale closed-loop system. We had a worry that two different control and operator systems on a single press could cause challenges for the operators, but the way DCOS implemented their system made this transition easy, and our operators are very pleased with the solution.”

The final press layout is six Manroland Colorman satellite towers, three K&B Commander satellite towers, two Manroland folders and one K&B folder.


CARSON CITY taps DCOS for drive and control retrofit

KINNA, May 15, 2019 – PressWorks Ink, a subsidiary of Swift Communications, Inc., has contracted DCOS Automation Sweden for a complete drives and controls retrofit on its DGM 440 press. PressWorks Ink prints the Carson City “Nevada Appeal” and the Reno “Gazette-Journal” along with several other weekly, monthly, tabloid, and specialty products.

DCOS will replace the existing six Eurotherm SSD drives with new digital drives. The existing DGM consoles will be replaced with new DCOS consoles that integrate all press functions, ink presetting and remote inking control, dampening, splicers and infeed’s to new touchscreen control. The existing fiber optic loop will be replaced with a new EtherCat star-network with direct communication to each drive.

The drives and controls are supported by DCOS 24/7 remote support. Chris Johnson, Director of Print Manufacturing for Swift Communications adds; “for years we have spent too much time and effort troubleshooting our drive and controls issues. These older systems now have very limited technical support and spare parts availability. We felt the time was right to upgrade to a more modern, supportable platform. The feedback we received from DCOS customers with similar projects gave us the confidence to move forward with them.”

DCOS will also assist in the scavenging of useful spare parts from the old Eurotherm drives and DGM console to be used at another Swift Communications site.

While DCOS has a strong history of drives and controls retrofits in Europe on nearly all types of newspaper presses, this is the most extensive drives and controls project so far in the USA. “Obviously we are very excited to be awarded this project. It will demonstrate all our capabilities as we assist centralized newspaper printers like PressWorks Ink in the long-term performance and supportability of their presses” adds Ron Ehrhardt, Sales Director for DCOS in North and South America. “We now have recent drive, controls, and closed loop automation customers in the USA, and look forward to demonstrating our capabilities to this market.”

The installation will begin in September 2019.


ENGLE PRINTING COMPANY orders second DCOS press automation upgrade

KINNA, May 8, 2019 –Engle Printing Company, Inc (EPC,) a family owned printing company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has ordered a second CRC4 closed loop density / register control system from DCOS Automation.

The CRC4 system will be installed on a second Tensor T400BE press with a configuration of four towers and one folder replacing the existing WPC register system. For ink density control, DCOS will integrate the CRC4 camera system with the existing Perretta remote inkers-The second press order came only a month after completion of the initial installation.
Jeremy Engle, VP Operation on why they moved forward with the project so quickly, “we are very happy with the DCOS solution that was installed last year. We are seeing immediate results and our production team believes it was the best install they have experienced.”

“Engle has been a fantastic customer for our closed loop density and register control equipment. We greatly appreciate the confidence they have in DCOS and look forward to continuing this partnership with the goal of making their presses run more efficiently, with low waste, and enhanced print quality” says Ron Ehrhardt, Sales Director – Americas, DCOS Sweden AB.
DCOS has also been contracted to replace the drives on an existing chill roll assembly on Engle’s Tensor T460 press with IR dryers.

The equipment will be shipped in May 2019 and installation
will be completed by the end of June 2019.


DCOS contracted for extensive NORWEGIAN press project

KINNA, March 21th, 2019 – Norwegian newspaper Sunnhordland Trykkeri, located in the town of Leirvik on the island of Stord on the Norwegian west coast, has contracted with DCOS for an extensive press addition and upgrade project. Sunnhordland Trykkeri is a privately-owned newspaper and printshop and one of the few in Scandinavia who is independent from the larger groups. The closing of printshops in the surrounding area of Stord has enabled Sunnhordland Trykkeri to attract more contract work.

The additional newspapers created a need for press expansion and upgrading to meet higher page count and color needs. DCOS will install 3 – Goss Community 4-high towers and a Tensor H50 folder to the existing Goss Community/Global press in a multi-phase installation while maintaining daily production at the facility.

DCOS will perform a complete electrical retrofit replacing existing drives and controls with new drives and controls, a new control console, and converting the shafted drive system to a group shaftless drive configuration of 1-motor per 2-4 High towers. Other DCOS upgrades include adding remote inking and register motors to all current manual 4-High towers.

According to Reidar Hystad, Managing Director at Sunnhordland “In times when consolidation and down-scaling projects are the main topic, it´s encouraging to be in a position where we have many opportunities that allows us to expand our press in terms of page capacity, efficiency and means to future-proofing our drive and control system. With the complexity in a project like this, keeping our production running daily during the six phases of mechanical and electrical work, we were looking for a single partner to handle this complete project for us. DCOS reputation and experience in a project like this was very convincing for us.

Mattias Andersson, Managing Director of DCOS adds “This project showcases all of the unique capabilities of the DCOS family of products and services. Our acquisition of Tensor now allows us to be heavily involved in the mechanical aspects of a project, like the removal and reinstallation of equipment, adding remote inking, along with the traditional DCOS capabilities such as drive, controls, and automatic press registration and density control equipment upgrades.

DCOS will complete the project in April of 2019.


INDIANA PRINTING COMPANY taps DCOS for their press automation upgrade

KINNA, March 8th, 2019 – Located in the northern Indiana town of Milford, The Papers, Incorporated, has been a family owned and operated business founded in 1939 when Arch Baumgartner took over the reins of The Milford Mail. From that humble beginning, The Papers has evolved into a diverse combination of newspaper, magazine publications, and commercial printing now run by Arch’s son Ron Baumgartner who joined the company in 1966.

In September of 2018, The Papers contracted with DCOS Automation Sweden for a press automation upgrade which includes automatic register, ink density, and cut-off control camera’s and associated control and integration equipment for the 16-unit MAN Cromoman press.

The Cromoman press configuration is four towers and one folder. The existing QTI register system will be replaced by eight CRC4 closed-loop density/register control cameras. The folder will be equipped with four PCT4 cut-off cameras. For ink density control, DCOS will integrate the CRC4 cameras with the existing MAN Roland remote ink system.

According to Todd Clark, Plant Manager for The Papers, the project evaluation took place in 2018 and after initial meetings with DCOS “We contacted several DCOS users who shared positive feedback on the ease of use and how the system has exceeded their performance expectations in terms of quality and waste control.

Clark visited DCOS customers in Norway as part of the evaluation. “The Norway site visits really demonstrated the savings the DCOS systems can provide. The startup waste numbers were amazingly low. The other interest in the visits were reviewing the press controls upgrades offered by DCOS. This is an area of future interest for us as we consider options in keeping ahead of electronic obsolescence” said Clark.

The equipment was installed in February 2019 and according to Clark, “The system has been operational for only a few weeks and we are already seeing improved waste reduction. We have also received compliments from customers regarding print quality achieved from the closed loop color control”.

Ron Ehrhardt, DCOS Sales Director for the Americas, adds an interesting “second generation” link of this project to a past project at The Papers. “In 1968 my dad sold Arch and Ron Baumgartner a 3-unit Goss Community press, and 50 years later I was able to sell Ron this automation upgrade. I think that’s pretty cool”.


NORWEGIAN PRINTER selects DCOS for major investment in automation

KINNA, October 4th, 2018 – In an effort to secure their role as a leading newspaper printer in Norway, Agderposten Trykk AS, based in Arendal, has contracted DCOS for a major automation upgrade of their Goss Magnum press, involving partial retrofit of the Goss Omnicon system and adding DCOS Closed-loop inspection system.

The nine towers, three folder Goss Magnum press-line installed in 2006 is well utilized producing over 10 million copies per month. This includes printing six of its own newspapers, contract printing for other Norwegian newspapers and commercial work.

The existing drive and control system engineered by Goss at the time of installation in 2006 created many challenges during the first years. The complexity in design, lack of support and the growing need to tackle obsolesces pushed Agderposten Trykk to find other solutions to futureproof their automation solutions. Besides the need to secure system uptime, parts and support Agderposten Trykk was also looking at measures to reduce the waste and consumable costs.

The overall scope of the project involves separating the quality functions (ink, water, register and web tension) from the Omnicon platform which also eliminates the need for the Goss WebCenter production management system. The existing Quad Tech Multicam system will be replaced and the existing Baldwin spray system will be integrated.

Rune Andresen, Managing director at Agderposten Trykk AS says: “We found a partner who step-by-step can take ownership of our entire press control, this was a very strong argument for our decision towards DCOS”.

DCOS will install the control components to handle the quality functions of the press along with three operator desk touch screens, Printing framework software package including presetting and pre-press interface and finally its Inspection System (eighteen CRC4 cameras) for closed-loop control of the quality functions.

Our primary incitement to invest in Closed-loop Density is to reduce our start-up waste and ink consumption, and in that aspect, based on what we have experienced in our procurement process, DCOS technology is very convincing”, Rune continues.

To handle the emerging need to retrofit the Goss WebCenter, the project was divided in two phases. The first phase, to take over the control of quality functions was completed in September. The second phase to install the closed-loop system will take place next month.

I´m very grateful and excited about the confidence we got from Rune and his team. This project has most of the typical ingredient of a DCOS project; customized, cost-effective solutions assembled to futureproof and automate the functions which has most impact on the waste and productivity”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO DCOS Sweden AB.


ENGLE PRINTING COMPANY taps DCOS for their press automation upgrade

KINNA, September 27th, 2018 – Located in picturesque Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Engle Printing Company, Inc (EPC) has been a family owned and operated business founded in 1954 by Alvin Engle and his wife Pauline. A business that started with a sheet-fed press located in the basement of their home has now grown into a multi-press operation with five single width offset presses now in operation at their Hempfield plant which opened in 1999.

In late 2017, EPC began consideration on the possibility of modernizing one of their existing Tensor T400BE presses, and in May of 2018 contracted with DCOS Sweden for a press automation upgrade which includes automatic register, ink density, and cut-off control camera’s and associated control and integration equipment.

The Tensor T400BE press configuration is four towers and one folder. The existing WPC register system will be replaced by eight CRC4 closed-loop density/register control cameras. The folder will be equipped with four PCT4 cut-off cameras. For ink density control, DCOS will integrate the CRC4 cameras with the existing Perretta remote ink system.

As printers struggle to make their presses more efficient and easier to operate, this is a very important project for DCOS in the United States as it demonstrates the full capacity of our press register, density and cutoff inspection and automatic control capabilities,” says Ron Ehrhardt, Sales Director – Americas, DCOS Sweden AB.

The equipment will be shipped in late September 2018 and installation will be completed by the end of November 2018.

Contract signing MMP DCOS

MITTMEDIA PRINT taps DCOS for press reconfiguration and automation upgrade

KINNA, August 16th, 2018 – With the mountains and wilderness in the north, and the major cities and
famous East and West coasts in the south, Sweden is Europe’s fifth largest country in area, and stretches
over 1500km in longitude. MittMedia Print (MMP) with a total of five printing facilities, is the dominating
newspaper producer in the Swedish midlands, encompassing nearly one third of the length of Sweden.
MMP is the production division of Mittmedia Group, a media producer with almost 30 daily newspapers,
free newspapers, online media and apps.

MMP has a mix of press equipment across their plants, ranging from older KBA and Solna presses, to an
ultra-modern KBA Cortina hybrid press. One of the presses, an 11 tower Goss Magnum located in
Örnsköldsvik, was silenced in January this year when the print contract with two of Sweden´s largest
evening tabloids expired. Since the remaining products could be printed on the Cortina press, the Goss
press originally commissioned in 2000 was no longer needed.

At the same time, Mittmedia needed to address the expiring lease situation at a printshop located in a
downtown area of Gävle. The conclusion was to close the Gävle plant, move, reconfigure and modernize
the press from Örnsköldsvik, and expand a new highly efficient print facility next door to the existing MMP
plant in Falun. Centralizing two print shops would create logistic benefits and improve resource utilization.

DCOS was awarded the contract to move, reconfigure and upgrade the drive and control system, including
a new closed-loop density, register and cut-off control system.

Jan Andersson CEO of MMP explains why DCOS was picked; “It´s always a benefit to have one partner
capable of carrying out all aspects of a project but in this case the topmost priority for us was to get a highefficiency
printing press based on the closed-loop upgrades. DCOS demonstrated a couple of installations
with 10-20 years old presses like ours that preformed in line with a new press and this is simply what we
need. High automation and low manning. This was decisive for our decision making.

The new press configuration will be ten towers and one folder. DCOS, together with its sister company
Tensor, will carry out the dismantling, reconfiguration, reinstallation and commissioning. The drive and
control system will be retrofitted and modernized. Other existing stand-alone systems will be fully
integrated to the new press control-system. The existing QTI register system will be replaced by twenty
CRC4 closed-loop density, register and fan-out cameras. The folder will be equipped with ten PCT4 cut-off
Dismantling started in August, and the press shall be completely moved, reconfigured, retrofitted and
upgraded by January 2019. This will become the largest closed-loop density installation in Sweden.

We are very pleased and excited about winning this project and partnering with MMP. Overall this is one of
the largest projects in DCOS history, allowing us to combine our broad range of competences, resulting in a
complete modernization of their 20-year-old press. This is what we like doing!
”, says Mattias Andersson CEO
DCOS Sweden AB.