Swedish Printer Invests in DCOS Inspection System

Markbladet Tryckeri is located in Sweden, just about one hour drive south east of Gothenburg. Markbladet Tryckeri has continued its efforts to maximize the productivity of its Manugraph press by placing yet another order with DCOS. The scope is a complete inspection system with closed-loop color control, color register control, cut-off control and web-guide control. The order also includes DCOS softproof system.

Markbladet Tryckeri prints newspaper and inserts products. Two well-known customers are METRO newspaper and ICA. ICA´s insert work has a weekly circulation of almost 2 million copies. The press, a Manugraph HILINE, was installed in 2005 and consists of five 4-high printing towers and two folders.
Christofer Hammarström, MD at Markbladet Tryckeri, elaborates; “There is a lot going on at Markbladet Tryckeri in recent time. We have gone through a generation change and I have had the possibility to set a long term plan for the operation and initiate some internal processes to utilize our organization and equipment in the most efficient way. Our press is now paid off, which put us in a favorable financial situation giving us means to execute our plans for future growth and ensured productivity. We are happy, once again, to have DCOS be part of forming our future

The partnership between Markbladet Tryckeri and DCOS goes back a long way. DCOS has replaced several of the original systems on the press over the years to enhance stability and to obtain waste reductions. In 2008 the original Manugraph infeeds were redesigned and rebuilt to become closed-loop and the original PIV was replaced by a shaftless technology. In 2013 the original “Manucolor” ink control system was replaced by DCOS ink control system with ink presetting. Web alignment register was also motorized and remote controlled. And now in 2016, the existing closed-loop register and cut-off system will be replaced by DCOS technology, while also adding closed-loop color control, web guide control and softproof. “First of all we are extremely pleased that Markbladet Tryckeri choose to place their trust in us and our technology while taking this huge step in automation level. Together we have reached good results and savings in upgrading the press over the years and this is the largest leap so far. This is our first Inspction System installation on a Manugraph press and to our knowledge the first Manugraph press worldwide to be equipped with closed loop color. So this is a very exciting milestone for us”, says Andreas Andersson, Sales Manager at DCOS.

The installation will commence beginning of March.

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