Bold Printing

BOLD PRINTING boost`s its Manroland Colorman press together with DCOS

KINNA, October 5th, 2017 – – With three production sites and six presses, Bold Printing is one of the largest printing groups in the Nordic region. With strategic locations around southern Sweden (Stockholm, Malmö and Borås) Bold prints some 40 newspapers titles and around 700 million copies per year. Bold Printing was founded in 1998 and is owned by the Bonnier Group.

Bold Printing Stockholm (former known as “DNEX-tryckeriet”) is the largest print site with twenty-two stacked 9-Cylinder Colorman S Satellites from Manroland installed in 1992 and a 96-page KBA Commander CT from Koenig-Bauer installed in 2012.

Just a few years back the Colorman S press was not fully utilized and there were plans to phase out 60% of the press and move the remaining part of the press to the same press hall as the KBA and thereby better utilize the space. But lucky enough, this plan was never executed and due to restructuring among other printers in this region a couple of other printshops closed down and today the press runs 7 days a week and most days for 24h.

Based on the increased demand in printing and the fact that the press lacked modern automation, Bold Printing decided to start investigate adding more automation to their press, specifically closed-loop density and cut-off control.

Bold Printing had already closed-loop camera systems from different vendors on three of its presses, and began to investigate what would be their best option for the Colorman S.

We had the benefit of having a compete DCOS Inspection system running on our KBA Colora in Borås that could provide us reliable information on their waste efficiency, quality and savings. The system was installed back in 2012 and this gave us a chance to evaluate both system and vendor over a longer time, and finally we felt very comfortable in choosing DCOS as our partner in this project”, says Erik Wallhed Managing Director at BOLD Printing Stockholm.

The installation and commissioning will take place in November-December this year and involves installation of DCOS CRC4 closed-loop density system for 7 webs and fourteen PTC4 cut-off control scanners for the two folders.

Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS Sweden AB says; “DNEX-tryckeriet” is a symbol for newspaper printing in Sweden and I´m very proud we have been awarded this project by Erik and his team. We have repeatedly proven that we can reach amazing results with our inspection systems on older presses. This press is from 1992 and that will be our second oldest press to retrofit with closed-loop density. We like the challenge and I look forward to yet another success story!

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