Doug Wilson APG (source APG)


KINNA, July 22nd, 2021 – Adams Publishing Group (APG), owners of 37 daily newspapers has awarded two contracts to DCOS Automation for new press controls and closed-loop automation at their printing facilities in Cheyenne, WY and Boseman, MT.

For the Cheyenne project, a manroland Uniset press from 2008 was retrofitted with a new virtualized PPM server and two new desk controllers. This retrofit was competed in January this year.

We are particularly excited to be awarded this order as it’s the first manroland retrofit in the US for us. DCOS has been doing retrofit on manroland presses since 2013 and the acquisition of the Germany-based Automation company IGA last year has further strengthen our capabilities” says Ron Ehrhardt, sales director for DCOS in North America.

Doug Wilson, VP of Production at APG adds; “The DCOS team provided a flawless installation with excellent support. We have had no issues or problems to date, and they have even went above and beyond to provide support on issue that were not related to the PECOM upgrade. They continuously monitor for any anomalies that may cause any delay in printing or disruptions to our clients.

For the Bozeman project DCOS will supply a closed-loop color density and registration system to a DGM 440 press, consisting of four 4-high towers, one 2-high and two folders. The equipment has just arrived in Bozeman and the installation will start in the next weeks.

In the last year we have upgraded three DGM 440 press users with our closed-loop systems, including 4 heatset and 1 UV DGM 440 presses. We welcome any opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to the DGM user base at our U.S customer sites” adds Ehrhardt.