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Swedish ´NYA WERMLANDS –TIDNINGEN´ opt´s for DCOS Inspection System

Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (NWT) with its headquarters in Karlstad, Sweden has a long history as a publisher and printer. The first issue of the paper hit the streets on January 4th 1837. NWT is currently one of Sweden´s largest local newspaper with coverage of news and distribution in the midland areas of Sweden. NWT is fully owned by the Ander family. Their hallmark is “strong finance and rigid technical solutions”, which is acknowledged by continuous optimization of their organization and investment in new technology. NWT Group has a major ownership interests in Norway, through the Norwegian subsidiary NWT MEDIA AS with holdings in media companies such as Schibsted AS and Polaris AS.

NWT`s printing press was supplied by GOSS and installed in 1995. The press configuration consists of seven HT70 4-high printing towers and three folders. NWT produces fourteen newspapers a long with inserts for the newspapers. NWT has a strong belief in the printed media and in the end of last year they decided to invest in a new Inspection System, and NWT choose in favor for DCOS. The system will replace an obsolete register control system from a different vendor and as part of NWT´s future strategy, the system is prepared for closed-loop density Control.

NWT’s CEO Mats Muregård comments on the investment; “After visiting a DCOS reference site and gathering data from their production we could complete our ROI calculations. The ROI is based only on waste savings. Another aspect of our investment is that NWT (as the first printing company in Sweden, 1996) is exempt from notification under the Environmental Authority. This investment shows our customers a continued offensive strategy for the Environment”

The installation took place in January and the system has been in daily production since February.

“Our expectations on the investment has been exceeded and we are well ahead of our target of waste savings. The installation and start-up phase has been a positive experience and our operator’s says the system is self-explanatory which has made the whole process smooth and easy”, says NWT’s Production Manager Christoffer Andersson.

This order marks DCOS thirteenth Inspection System installation in Sweden.

“Sweden´s our domestic market and I´m sure this contributes to the success. But in general I believe it´s our install base and the results our customers are achieving that make the foundation for selling our systems. We are fortunate to have open-minded and accommodating customers who like to demonstrate our systems and share the results. And now we are proud to welcome yet another one!” says Patrik Martinsson, sales manager at DCOS.

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