EPC DCOS New project (Mattias Andersson at DCOS, Jermey Engle and Daryl Rutt at Engle Printing)


KINNA, October 7, 2021 -Engle Printing Company Inc (EPC), a family-owned printing company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, decided in 2018 to equip one of its Tensor press lines with DCOS Print Inspection System for Closed-loop Register and Density control. Just a month later when the waste savings became obvious, EPC signed a second contract for an installation on another Tensor press line. This project was installed in 2019. In early 2020, the plans were to initiate the third closed-loop project on its Goss Universal press, but the pandemic came and put plans on hold.

EPC saw the business starting to come back in the spring of 2021 and decided it was time to give its Goss Universal press a lift. Besides waste and quality improvement, the press from 1998 was also in need of a drive system retrofit and the Allen Bradley/Harland Simon quality control system was getting difficult and expensive to support.

DCOS technology has improved our quality, efficiency and clearly minimized our printing waste, that’s why we continue to replace our older technology with DCOS solutions. We have several presses and a variety of equipment, we appreciate working with DCOS as they have answers to our automation needs and they are always there when we need them”, says Darly E. Rutt, Treasurer at EPC.

This project includes a Closed-Loop Density & Register system for six towers that will replace existing WPC system, but also additional retrofits on the Goss Universal press. The Goss Universal was originally installed with an Allen Bradley control/quality system, and in 2015 retrofitted by Harland Simon. As these systems have proven to be difficult and costly to support this project includes a partial retrofit. The Z808 & PN859 ink, water & register control modules will be retrofitted and replaced by standard hardware from DCOS. Additionally, the Bosch Rexroth DIAX system has well past its due date and DCOS will retrofit drives on one folder and one tower/infeed.

Mattias Andersson, CEO of DCOS, values the partnership, “We have been working closely with EPC for some years now and it’s a great team to work with. They are propulsive and aggressive in their ambition to maintain a strong position in the industry and I’m excited to be part of and support EPC in building a strong foundation for the future”.

The installation will start in end of November.