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New Manroland Uniset Press first in line for DCOS’ intelligent CRC4 inspection scanner system

DCOS Sweden AB’s CRC4 multi-function scanner, launched during the recent drupa, will be featured on NR1 Trykk’s new manroland UNISET press scheduled for installation this fall in Biri, Norway.

Olav Engum, project director at NR1 Trykk, impressed with the extended capability of the CRC4, purchased DCOS’ fourth-generation inspection system at drupa. “We could see the advantages of one closed-loop scanner that measures and immediately corrects the key quality criteria – color-to-color register, density, dot gain, fan-out and print defects,” stated Engum.

The CRC4 scanner will be integrated with the manroland PECOM control system on the four-tower, one-folder UNISET press. The press will run popular Norwegian dailies Oppland Arbeiderblad, Ringerikes blad, østlendingen and Avisa Hadeland.

A simple concept that uses densitometry instead of color measurement, the technology offers excellent performance, yet is highly cost effective. With the aid of a motorized profile bar, the intelligent scanner swipes the entire web width to pick up online data. The collected inspection data also detects paper toning (scumming) and web wrinkles.

“Developed for high-speed newspaper production, the CRC4 uses high intensity LED’s for better contrast, and the scanner’s compact design makes it possible to mount on an unsupported web between idle rollers,” said Mattias Andersson, managing director of DCOS. “With lower upfront equipment costs and the efficiencies gained during production, the CRC4 does offer exceptional cost benefits for newspapers.”

“NR1 Trykk has worked with DCOS on a number of projects, so we’re confident with DCOS’ capabilities and exceptional management of its various technologies,” stated Sven K. Johansen, NR1 Trykk’s technical manager.

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