CMNM Gypsum


KINNA, March 12th, 2021 – Colorado Mountain News Media, a division of Swift Communications located in Gypsum Colorado has awarded DCOS Automation – Sweden a contract to replace drive- and control system on their DGM press. This is the second DGM 440 press that Swift has changed their Automation over to DCOS. The first being their printshop in Carson City. NV in 2019. Swift’s properties in Colorado include traditional community newspapers; resort property, agricultural and rural lifestyle publications.

The Carson City project was a huge success for all parties, there we proved the capabilities of our equipment on a DGM Platform,” says Ron Ehrhardt, sales director for DCOS in North America. Swift sent their Gypsum production team to Carson City during the install, “This gave them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with our equipment and support capabilities” added Ehrhardt.

This is Swift Communications’ second drive and controls retrofit with DCOS; Mattias, Ron and the rest of the DCOS team are some of the best in the business and will stand behind their work and deliver what was promised. During the installation at PressWorks, Ink in Carson City, Nevada DCOS met every deadline and so did we. Now, I’m excited to work with them in our Colorado Mountain News Media facility in Gypsum, Colorado,” says Chris Johnston Director of Print Manufacturing, Swift Communications.

DCOS will supply five (5) new digital drives to replace the five existing Eurotherm drives that were installed when the press was originally purchased. The existing DGM consoles will be replaced with new DCOS consoles that integrate all press functions, ink presetting and remote inking control, dampening, splicers and infeed’s to new touchscreen control. The existing fiber optic loop will be replaced with a new EtherCat star-network with direct communication to each drive.

These older drive and control system are now at the end of their supportable and operational life and DCOS has developed a Retrofit solution that not only future-proof the systems but also bring the automation and efficiency to the next level.

We encourage anyone with a Eurotherm drive system to contact DCOS, as we now have two ex-Eurotherm sites in Gypsum and Carson City in the U.S. to demonstrate our capabilities,” adds Ehrhardt



KINNA, February 3rd, 2021 – NWT is short for Nya Wermlands Tidningen, the regional newspaper in the Karlstad area of Sweden with great publishing traditions dating back to 1837. NWT Gruppen AB, the mother company, is a cornerstone in the Swedish and Norwegian media and newspaper industry. Publisher of 16 newspapers, shareholders in Schibsted & Polaris groups in Norway and shareholder in Stampen group in Sweden, NWT Gruppen AB is a vital part of the news media in Scandinavia.

After a procurement process lasting several years with the goal to retrofit and futureproof its printing press, a Goss HT70 from 1995, NWT decided in January 2021 to partner up with DCOS.

After only three months as the new CEO of the NWT group, Sture Bergman didn’t think twice about the decision: “I have a clear ambition to develop and strengthen our digital portfolio, but I’m also convinced the printed products is and will be a vital and important part of our business for a long time to come. Working with DCOS is a proven, reliable and efficient way forward for us.

The Goss HT70 press consist of seven (7) 4-high printing towers and three folders. The current control system from Honeywell will be completely retrofitted by DCOS and the existing DCOS Inspection System will be upgraded with Closed-loop Density and Cut-off control. The project also includes retrofit of seven GOSS CT50P splicers and complete retrofit of the ABB and Bosch Rexroth drive systems.

We have been working with DCOS now for five years since we purchased their Closed-loop Register system in 2015. Besides the Inspection System they have done some minor retrofits for us over the years. Speaking for both myself and our maintenance team; we have never had a vendor that has supported us to such a degree as DCOS, they are always there for us with solutions. Incorporating new ideas, being flexible and reliable. DCOS is definitely our preferred choice and I’m excited about this project”, says Christoffer Andersson, Managing Director, NWT Printing.

The project will be executed in parallel with full production. The pre-installation phase and Quality System retrofit will be completed prior summer and the drive and control system retrofit will start in August after the summer vacation period.
Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS says: “I’m very pleased to win the trust of Sture and Christoffer to be their future automation partner. NWT is a fantastic company and with this project they put themselves in a strong position for future. This is a very exciting project and one of the largest retrofit orders ever for DCOS.

This project represents the fourth Retrofit project of Honeywell press control system done by DCOS.

Compacta Camera Installation


KINNA, October 22nd, 2020 – The Koenig & Bauer Compacta S80 short-grain heatset press is known for its robustness, dependability and high print quality. Even though these presses were manufactured decades ago, it’s still a hot candidate for service-life-extensions and automation upgrades.

Koenig & Bauer decided to partnered with DCOS to develop a retrofit & upgrade solution for these presses and first out is a 1991 vintage Compacta S80 in Germany. Besides a complete drive and control system upgrade the project also includes a fully loaded Print Inspection System.

The original drive and control systems was facing absolute obsolescence and becoming a liability. DCOS automation platform Printing Framework was customized to fit the needs in a combined engineering effort between Koenig & Bauer and DCOS.
It incorporates new main drive system, mechanical PIVs has been replaced by shaftless drives, updated safety system and a new machine and quality control system.

Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS says: “Customizing a Retrofit on a thirty-year-old press, that was fairly automated for its time, always comes with some engineering challenges. We have enjoyed being part of this project together with Koenig & Bauer and it is rewarding to see the outcome. A modernized & fully automated press with many productive years ahead… and only 30 year old.

To further increase print quality and waste efficient the project scope also included a full DCOS closed-loop Density, Color register and Cut-off control system and Softproof system.
A new feature in the DCOS Print Inspection Systems family was developed for this project, a camera based closed-loop web-guide control system. This feature will serve as a possible upgrade solution for obsolete web-guide control systems.



KINNA, October 8th, 2020 – In May 2020, DCOS inked a deal with Tryck i Norrbotten (Luleå, Sweden) to future-proof their eight tower, single folder Goss Magnum press. The order includes a “full DCOS package solution”, replacing and retrofitting the complete Omnicon system, the shaftless drive system and the QTI Multicam system.

Obsolescence of components and support on the Omnicon platform has been driving factors behind the decision as well as the desire to improve waste efficiency and productivity.

DCOS became the natural choice for us as they can take ownership of all automation systems on the press & auxiliary equipment and be the long-term partner we need to secure future support and uptime from one source. The Closed-Loop Density system is an essential part of our project and we have very high expectations on it being the ROI driver on this whole investment.” Says Leif Bergström, CEO at Tryck i Norrbotten.

The Goss Magnum press was installed in 2009 and is unique in the aspect it has a Goss Universal folder with single former board and three sections ribbon split, all stitched.

Tryck i Norrbotten is a fully owned subsidiary of Norr Media AB which is part of the NTM Media group. NTM group is publishing thirty-three newspapers and operating three printshops across Sweden.
NTM group recently continued its growth in northern part of Sweden by acquiring the newspaper “Norran”. The consecutive closure of “Norrans” printing operation has consequently further increased the print volume at Tryck i Norrbotten.

In order to minimize operational and consumable costs, Tryck i Norrbotten decided to invest in a complete Print Inspection System with Density, Register and Cut-off control. 24 Closed-loop cameras will be installed to ensure maximum waste efficiency and high consistent print quality.

In addition, DCOS sister company AMAL Webline will carry out a retrofit on two of the existing AR70A splicers.

Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS: “I’m honored that Leif and his team decided to partner up with DCOS, I’m convinced this will be a success for both parties now and in the future. DCOS has done many similar projects over the years and I think this is where we can bring most value to our customers, one partner that can take overall responsibility and make sure to get the maximum press performance.

The installation will take place in the fourth quarter of 2020 and finalize prior to the new year.

The Charleston Post & Courier


KINNA, August 5th, 2020 – DCOS AUTOMATION is pleased to announce an order at The Charleston (SC) Post and Courier for a new controls system integration for their 108 Goss digital page packs including ink preset and a new closed-loop color registration/ink density system replacement to their existing CC1 register system.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities regarding lowering waste, producing high print quality and ease of operation on a non-4-high tower GOSS Metro Press consisting of mono-units and color decks” said Ron Ehrhardt, Sales Director for DCOS North American Operations.

While the more traditional ‘old school Goss Metro’ base is shrinking somewhat over the last few years there are still quite a few out there that can benefit from our upgrade, I look forward to speaking with these customers soon, hopefully at a rescheduled Metro Production conference later this year or in 2021?” adds Ehrhardt. “It’s also nice to see newspapers making investments in upgrade equipment during this current Covid 19 economic situation.

The project started in 2019, according to Sidney Stover Production Manager at The Charleston Post and Courier: “Near the end of 2019 the current system failed and we were without ink presetting capabilities for two weeks. Our IT department was able to restore the system, but it was only a matter of time before it will fail and not be recoverable.”

Sid Stover adds “We later realized the original planned upgrade to our existing system was not going to fix the issues we were having. We were facing a much larger investment to keep the system running. So we began researching ink presetting system vendors. The owners at DCOS are very hands-on and easy to communicate with. The company’s services are exactly what we were looking for and DCOS focuses on using nonproprietary components. They have a strong commitment to the printed product and the high level of quality print customers have come to expect. This mirrors our company’s commitment to a quality printed product. We are making a financial investment in our printing equipment to maintain and even improve the quality for our customers and readers. Another key factor for us choosing to partner with DCOS was that they not only have a proven track record with digital ink presetting systems, but the same system has camera registration controls. This allowed us to replace another aging legacy system on the press at the same time.

DCOS has a strong history with open fountain presses on both single and double width presses and now will gain experience on a Digital Page Pack inking System double width press. We have installed our closed loop ink density inspection equipment on just about every type of press in operation and this order moves us into a new market” Says Ehrhardt.

The contract was signed in July and the installation is schedule for the end of this year.



KINNA, July 8th, 2020 – In the past weekend the DCOS crew replaced the original drive and control system of the eight tower, single folder Tensor press at Amedia´s printing facility in Bodö, Norway. Two weeks of preparation cumulated in the silencing of the old systems from 2006 and the new drive and control system installed, tested and ready for Sunday production. Long days and hard work to meet the customers print schedule.

Pasi Ylikankaanpää who was the first DCOS technician on-site says; ”It has been a couple of intensive weeks of preparations and minor retrofits steps to put us in a position to carry out the main system switch in such a short time frame. Good planning is the key. It rewarding to see the result of the effort and see the first live print job hit the street on time”.

The press was also upgraded with a new DCOS closed-loop cut-off system for eight webs.
The first ever installation of DCOS Closed-loop system was in Norway back in 2007. This order marks the milestone for over 200 DCOS closed-loop cameras installed in Norway.

I´m pleased we have completed the project and our drive and control system is now top modern. The project has been intensive but right on time, I´m very satisfied with the close co-operation with the team from DCOS. The closest printshop is 6 hours away so its an understatement to say we are very dependent on a modern supportable press control system”, says Trond Olsen, managing director Amedia Bodö.

Contract Signing Schibsted


KINNA, May 28th, 2020 – In the middle of the blooming area of Nydalen in Oslo where new apartment buildings, stores, supermarkets, hotels and office buildings are constantly being developed, one of northern Europe’s largest printing facilities is still an impressive landmark. With twenty-two Goss Colorliner 80S towers and five Quad-Former folders, Schibsted Trykk has the largest printing press in the Nordics. Today three folders and 12 towers are in daily use, producing around 4.5 million copes every week.

In the continuous strive to increase productivity and reduce cost of consumables, Schibsted Trykk decided in 2019 to take a closer look at upgrading its press with closed-loop density control. Just before Christmas last year, Schibsted decided DCOS would be their best choice of partner for the project.

We have high ambitions with this investment and DCOS has appeared to be the best fit for us to reach our set goals. DCOS has a huge install base and we have got nothing but positive feedback from other DCOS users and the ROI is well within our expectation”, says Bjarne Andersen, CEO Schibsted Trykk.

DCOS will install its proven concept of a complete Print Inspection System (density, color register and cut-off) on one section plus Digital Presetting across twelve towers. The press has Goss Digital Inking System (Page Packs) and the project involves a partial retrofit of existing Honeywell Digital Inking control system.

Patrik Martinsson, Sales Manager at DCOS adds, “I´m very pleased we have been awarded this project by Bjarne and his team, we will make sure this becomes a success. This order also marks the seventh consecutive Inspection System order in Norway won by DCOS, a fact that gives us even more motivation to continue doing our utmost to find solutions that make our customer more productive”.

Installation is ongoing and will be completed in June.

Jussi Talvi at Suomalainen Lehthipaino

SUOMALAINEN LEHTIPAINO’S bold move switching to DCOS pays off, month-by-month

KINNA, May 7th, 2020 – In 2008 Suomalainen Lehtipaino, based in Kajaani in northern Finland, invested in a new printing press. A seven tower and two folders Tensor T400BE press with DCOS drive and control system was installed and substantially increased the color and pagination capacity compared to the Solna press it replaced. The press was originally equipped with Inventor Spray Dampening and Perretta Remote Inking and Register System.

In 2016 it was announced that Suomalainen Lehtipaino invests in additional automation as the Perretta closed-loop register system was replaced by a closed-loop Color, Register and Cut-off system from Dutch company QI Press Controls. The customer’s expectations were to increase the quality and obtain savings in ink and waste paper. The system was installed in the end of 2016.

Starting at the end of 2018 we were in contact with Marja and her team discussing future retrofit needs and we could see that the efficiency and savings was not at a level we normally expect on a press with Closed-loop Color control. Start-up waste was almost doubled compared to equivalent DCOS installations. This encouraged us to investigate if there is a financial incitement to replace the new QI system with a DCOS system”,says Marcus Juselius, DCOS Agent in Finland.

A detailed ROI study was made and presented. This was followed up with two reference visits to demonstrate the DCOS Inspection system to highlight the differences. In late summer 2019 Suomalainen Lehtipaino decided to place the order with DCOS to replace the Closed-loop Inspection System.

The target for the investment was for the start-up waste to be almost halved, reduced by 47,5% with DCOS Technology.

We were thrilled about this opportunity. We know our technology is unrivaled when it comes to ROI and waste savings, we have seen this trend for years, but it’s always hard to compare different systems on different type of jobs, presses and pressrooms. Here we finally got a chance to compare apple-to-apple. Replacing the old system with the new and monitor the result.”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO and DCOS.

The QI Press control system was dismantled as the DCOS system was installed and commissioned in December 2019. The first full month waste report for January showed a 39% start-up waste reduction from the previous year and the start-up waste has continued to decline since.

Marja Niemi, Production Manager Suomalainen Lehtipaino says; “I have to admit it was not easy to make the decision to replace the system we installed in 2016, but the DCOS reference visits were very convincing and we felt confident the ROI was there. Today I’m very pleased to see the promises come through, resulting in savings for us. Additionally,our operators give me very positive feedback on a fully automatic and user-friendly system”.

This is DCOS second Closed-Loop Inspection System installation in Finland.


Update from DCOS, TENSOR & AMAL on the current COVID-19 situation

KINNA, March 24th, 2020 – The COVID-19 situation is the primary subject in almost all conversations today, the global impact is huge and we are all affected, by the virus or by the consequences of the means to defeat the spread of the virus.

At DCOS, Tensor and Amal, the safety and health of our employees, their families, customers and business relations are our top priority. We are currently operating almost as normal with a high order volume and focused to ensure business continuity, but obviously with restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation. These restrictions involve travel restrictions, social distancing, establishing methods and best practice to limit the spread of the virus in our workspace.

We will experience some delays in ongoing projects, mainly due to travel restrictions, but we also seek individual solutions to keep project going to the best of our ability. We are open to explore new ways to run installations in difficult times like these and we are amazed by the initiatives and openminded support shown by our customer in a uniform approach to keep the projects going.

Our hotline support and parts service operate as normal, we are not seeing any major impact in supply chain or logistics that would affect our ability to support our customers in their day-to-day operation.

The situation is changing rapidly, and we follow the development closely and adapt to the guideline of our authorities. Should you have any questions to us, feel free to contact me.

I like to express our deepest concerns for those who are affected by the crisis. Stay Safe!