KINNA, February 16, 2023 – Varkaus is a small town in eastern Finland located in the Finnish lake district with 20,000 inhabitants. Varkaus has played a key role in the history of Finish newspaper production. In the early 20th century Varkaus grew as an industrial town around the paper mills of A. Ahlstrom. Ahlstrom started paper production in Varkaus 1921 and in 1930 the Ahlstrom group of companies had grown into Finland’s largest industrial conglomerate. The paper mill is now Stora Enso.

Lehtisepät Oy’s printing plant in Varkaus, formerly known as Savon Paino Oy, today owned and operated by Lehtisepät group is located just next to the paper mill. The two buildings are linked with a rail track that used to transport the paper reels straight to the printing press.

Honeywell Oy’s printing division with the PRINTA brand was originally headquartered in Varkaus, and used to be the dominating press control system in the Nordic countries and well-known globally. The very first PRINTA system from Honeywell (generation I) was installed on Savon Paino’s Wifag OF7 press in 1987.

The next chapter in the history of newspaper production in Varkaus is now to be written.

Lehtisepät group has recently shuttered two printing plants in Finland but still operates four plants with five presses. The Varkaus plant is and will remain an important production facility, and Lehtisepät decided in 2022 for a major investment toward its press control and automation system.

Sauli Vuorinen, managing director at Lehtisepät says; “As we are adding on more production in Varkaus the press control system from 1987 clearly needs to be replaced and this project also have a defined focus on print efficiency and waste control. We did our research and evaluation on possible vendors and solutions in second half of 2022 and in December we chose DCOS as our partner in this project”.

The press consists of ten satellite units, four color decks and two folders. It has been extended in three stages and has a common PRINTA I control system but a mix of ABB, AMK and Bosch Rexroth drives. DCOS will replace the complete control system and integrate all drive systems into one platform. The Wifag WPOS system will be replaced and six Wifag splicers will be retrofitted.

“Our press is different from most other presses and DCOS vast retrofit experience impressed us. We had a two-day tour and saw four completely different presses all retrofitted by DCOS and all with a full Closed-Loop System. These demos proved the flexibility we were looking for”, Sauli continues.

The project also included a full DCOS Inspection System with closed-loop density, register and cut-off which will replace the QI Press Control cut-off system installed in 2019. The retrofit will start in January 2024.

“I’m excited to win the trust of the Lehtisepät team. This is one of the largest orders in our history and it will continue to build the reputation of DCOS as the leading and most dynamic source for retrofits and upgrades in this industry”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS.

Schibsted PR 2022 bild


KINNA, April 21, 2022 -In times when our industry is seeing major print consolidation and printing plants being shuttered, we are pleased to announce our participation in one of the largest printing press relocation and upgrade projects for a long time. Schibsted Trykk Oslo has decided to relocate parts of its massive 22 tower, 5 folder Goss Colorliner press from its city-central location in Nydalen, Oslo to new-built premises in Vestby, 30 minutes east of Oslo.
A modernized press layout with seven towers and two folders in a single level design, with the most modern automation will secure future productivity for Norway’s largest print production plant.

DCOS was chosen for the retrofit of the Honeywell control system, the Bosch Rexroth Drive system and a new Closed-Loop Inspection System. The project will be executed in close cooperation with Manroland Goss Web Systems (MGWS) who will be handling the relocation of the equipment and the mechanical modifications.

Bjarne Andersen, CEO at Schibsted says: “We are very excited to be able to invest into the future of printed products. The new press design with the added automation will give us sustainable and efficient production capability. With our long-term partners DCOS and MGWS joining forces to make this project a success, I feel we got the best solution we could ask for”.

The works on getting the new building ready is progressing, so is the preparations for the retrofit and the press relocation. The press preparation in Nydalen is ongoing and in Q4 2022 the press will be relocated.

“This is a huge project with many considerations and we are off to a good start. With several Honeywell retrofits accomplished over the years we have developed a strong technical base, lots of experience and many creative solutions for these projects. The cooperation with Ian Buckley and his team in Preston is really an advantage to the project, their in-depth experience in the Colorliner press is very comprehensive for the project”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS.

The DCOS solution in proven on the Colorliner presses in Nydalen. In 2018 Schibsted Trykk invested in DCOS Closed-Loop Density, Color register and cut-off control for one of its press lines in Nydalen. DCOS also added a new page-pack control system for the digital inking and new presetting. This investment returned a huge saving in consumables and the Inspection System we a natural part of the new project.

EPC DCOS New project (Mattias Andersson at DCOS, Jermey Engle and Daryl Rutt at Engle Printing)


KINNA, October 7, 2021 -Engle Printing Company Inc (EPC), a family-owned printing company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, decided in 2018 to equip one of its Tensor press lines with DCOS Print Inspection System for Closed-loop Register and Density control. Just a month later when the waste savings became obvious, EPC signed a second contract for an installation on another Tensor press line. This project was installed in 2019. In early 2020, the plans were to initiate the third closed-loop project on its Goss Universal press, but the pandemic came and put plans on hold.

EPC saw the business starting to come back in the spring of 2021 and decided it was time to give its Goss Universal press a lift. Besides waste and quality improvement, the press from 1998 was also in need of a drive system retrofit and the Allen Bradley/Harland Simon quality control system was getting difficult and expensive to support.

DCOS technology has improved our quality, efficiency and clearly minimized our printing waste, that’s why we continue to replace our older technology with DCOS solutions. We have several presses and a variety of equipment, we appreciate working with DCOS as they have answers to our automation needs and they are always there when we need them”, says Darly E. Rutt, Treasurer at EPC.

This project includes a Closed-Loop Density & Register system for six towers that will replace existing WPC system, but also additional retrofits on the Goss Universal press. The Goss Universal was originally installed with an Allen Bradley control/quality system, and in 2015 retrofitted by Harland Simon. As these systems have proven to be difficult and costly to support this project includes a partial retrofit. The Z808 & PN859 ink, water & register control modules will be retrofitted and replaced by standard hardware from DCOS. Additionally, the Bosch Rexroth DIAX system has well past its due date and DCOS will retrofit drives on one folder and one tower/infeed.

Mattias Andersson, CEO of DCOS, values the partnership, “We have been working closely with EPC for some years now and it’s a great team to work with. They are propulsive and aggressive in their ambition to maintain a strong position in the industry and I’m excited to be part of and support EPC in building a strong foundation for the future”.

The installation will start in end of November.

Visvaldis Troksa and Mattias Andersson at Contract signing


KINNA, September 16th, 2021 – After a relaxing life at the island of Bornholm in Denmark, this Tensor press will be up for more action on the other side of the Baltic Sea. The Tensor press installed in 2003 on the popular vacation island of Bornholm has had 18 years of very light production and is almost spotless.

Poligrāfijas Grupa MŪKUSALA based in Riga, Latvia has contracted DCOS for the purchase, relocation, upgrade and commissioning of the press. The press will be configured with four T1400 4-high printing towers and one H50 Folder with quarter folder and will replace a Solna D400 and a Goss Community press. The press is equipped with DCOS Drive and control system and AMAL AR60C splicers.

“This press is a perfect fit for us as our existing coldest presses are aging and we are looking to increase our print quality and efficiency. DCOS, with its sister companies Tensor and AMAL, is the ideal partner for us not only to execute the relocation project but also for long term service and support of the press and its systems”, says Visvaldis Trokša, Chairman of the board PGM.

The drive and control system was retrofitted by DCOS in 2019 and is ready for another 15 years of stable operation. In relation to this project DCOS will upgrade the Control System with new Control Desks and an integration of the existing Lincoln ink filling system.
DCOS is now underway with the press dismantling and the installation is scheduled to start in February 2022.

Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS says; “This is probably the best kept used press we have ever sold and I’m happy its new home will be with our friends at PGM. Our relation stretches back 20 years when I commissioned a shatfless extension to their Goss Community press and first got to know Visvaldis and his team. It’s very encouraging to work on another project together!”

Doug Wilson APG (source APG)


KINNA, July 22nd, 2021 – Adams Publishing Group (APG), owners of 37 daily newspapers has awarded two contracts to DCOS Automation for new press controls and closed-loop automation at their printing facilities in Cheyenne, WY and Boseman, MT.

For the Cheyenne project, a manroland Uniset press from 2008 was retrofitted with a new virtualized PPM server and two new desk controllers. This retrofit was competed in January this year.

We are particularly excited to be awarded this order as it’s the first manroland retrofit in the US for us. DCOS has been doing retrofit on manroland presses since 2013 and the acquisition of the Germany-based Automation company IGA last year has further strengthen our capabilities” says Ron Ehrhardt, sales director for DCOS in North America.

Doug Wilson, VP of Production at APG adds; “The DCOS team provided a flawless installation with excellent support. We have had no issues or problems to date, and they have even went above and beyond to provide support on issue that were not related to the PECOM upgrade. They continuously monitor for any anomalies that may cause any delay in printing or disruptions to our clients.

For the Bozeman project DCOS will supply a closed-loop color density and registration system to a DGM 440 press, consisting of four 4-high towers, one 2-high and two folders. The equipment has just arrived in Bozeman and the installation will start in the next weeks.

In the last year we have upgraded three DGM 440 press users with our closed-loop systems, including 4 heatset and 1 UV DGM 440 presses. We welcome any opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to the DGM user base at our U.S customer sites” adds Ehrhardt.

CMNM Gypsum


KINNA, March 12th, 2021 – Colorado Mountain News Media, a division of Swift Communications located in Gypsum Colorado has awarded DCOS Automation – Sweden a contract to replace drive- and control system on their DGM press. This is the second DGM 440 press that Swift has changed their Automation over to DCOS. The first being their printshop in Carson City. NV in 2019. Swift’s properties in Colorado include traditional community newspapers; resort property, agricultural and rural lifestyle publications.

The Carson City project was a huge success for all parties, there we proved the capabilities of our equipment on a DGM Platform,” says Ron Ehrhardt, sales director for DCOS in North America. Swift sent their Gypsum production team to Carson City during the install, “This gave them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with our equipment and support capabilities” added Ehrhardt.

This is Swift Communications’ second drive and controls retrofit with DCOS; Mattias, Ron and the rest of the DCOS team are some of the best in the business and will stand behind their work and deliver what was promised. During the installation at PressWorks, Ink in Carson City, Nevada DCOS met every deadline and so did we. Now, I’m excited to work with them in our Colorado Mountain News Media facility in Gypsum, Colorado,” says Chris Johnston Director of Print Manufacturing, Swift Communications.

DCOS will supply five (5) new digital drives to replace the five existing Eurotherm drives that were installed when the press was originally purchased. The existing DGM consoles will be replaced with new DCOS consoles that integrate all press functions, ink presetting and remote inking control, dampening, splicers and infeed’s to new touchscreen control. The existing fiber optic loop will be replaced with a new EtherCat star-network with direct communication to each drive.

These older drive and control system are now at the end of their supportable and operational life and DCOS has developed a Retrofit solution that not only future-proof the systems but also bring the automation and efficiency to the next level.

We encourage anyone with a Eurotherm drive system to contact DCOS, as we now have two ex-Eurotherm sites in Gypsum and Carson City in the U.S. to demonstrate our capabilities,” adds Ehrhardt



KINNA, February 3rd, 2021 – NWT is short for Nya Wermlands Tidningen, the regional newspaper in the Karlstad area of Sweden with great publishing traditions dating back to 1837. NWT Gruppen AB, the mother company, is a cornerstone in the Swedish and Norwegian media and newspaper industry. Publisher of 16 newspapers, shareholders in Schibsted & Polaris groups in Norway and shareholder in Stampen group in Sweden, NWT Gruppen AB is a vital part of the news media in Scandinavia.

After a procurement process lasting several years with the goal to retrofit and futureproof its printing press, a Goss HT70 from 1995, NWT decided in January 2021 to partner up with DCOS.

After only three months as the new CEO of the NWT group, Sture Bergman didn’t think twice about the decision: “I have a clear ambition to develop and strengthen our digital portfolio, but I’m also convinced the printed products is and will be a vital and important part of our business for a long time to come. Working with DCOS is a proven, reliable and efficient way forward for us.

The Goss HT70 press consist of seven (7) 4-high printing towers and three folders. The current control system from Honeywell will be completely retrofitted by DCOS and the existing DCOS Inspection System will be upgraded with Closed-loop Density and Cut-off control. The project also includes retrofit of seven GOSS CT50P splicers and complete retrofit of the ABB and Bosch Rexroth drive systems.

We have been working with DCOS now for five years since we purchased their Closed-loop Register system in 2015. Besides the Inspection System they have done some minor retrofits for us over the years. Speaking for both myself and our maintenance team; we have never had a vendor that has supported us to such a degree as DCOS, they are always there for us with solutions. Incorporating new ideas, being flexible and reliable. DCOS is definitely our preferred choice and I’m excited about this project”, says Christoffer Andersson, Managing Director, NWT Printing.

The project will be executed in parallel with full production. The pre-installation phase and Quality System retrofit will be completed prior summer and the drive and control system retrofit will start in August after the summer vacation period.
Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS says: “I’m very pleased to win the trust of Sture and Christoffer to be their future automation partner. NWT is a fantastic company and with this project they put themselves in a strong position for future. This is a very exciting project and one of the largest retrofit orders ever for DCOS.

This project represents the fourth Retrofit project of Honeywell press control system done by DCOS.