Left: John Vejle, Operation Manager @ Skive Folkeblad Right: Johan Andersson, Product Manager @ DCOS

DCOS first out with closed-loop DENSITY control system for newspaper in DENMARK

KINNA, June 15th, 2017 – DCOS has secured yet another order for its closed-loop Inspection System technology. Skive Folkeblad decided in the end of last year to award DCOS the contract to modernize its Tensor press from 1999.

Dating back to year 1880, Skive Folkeblad is a publisher and printer in the beautiful Limfjorden area in Jylland, Denmark. With the daily newspaper “Skive Folkeblad” as its flagship, all their publications are for the local region, but as a contract printer their reach is across Europe.
The Tensor press was originally installed in 1999 and expanded in 2004 and consists of six 4-high printing towers and two folders with the newer equipment rated at 45.000cph. The press is equipped with a footprint shaftless drive and control system that was originally supplied by Söderqvist. Further it has spray a dampening system from Inventor Graphics and closed-loop register and cut-off system from Q.I Press controls.

The scope of the project is to replace the existing closed-loop register and cut-off system with a complete DCOS Inspection System package including closed-loop density. Twelve CRC4 scanners for combined closedloop density and register will be installed along with twelve PTC4 scanners for cut-off control. In addition, DCOS will integrated the existing EPG ink control system, the spray system and upgrade parts of the original press control system including two new integrated control desks.

John Vejle, Operation Manager at Skive Folkeblad, says: “We´ve always strived to be in the forefront when it comes to technology and methods of printing newspapers. This is how we have been able to stay successful and competitive over many years. For this particular investment, DCOS was able to show us a reference site that is almost identical to our press, 10 years younger but same type for equipment and automation. The Tensor press at Nr1Adressatrykk in Norway got equipped with DCOS closed loop density three years ago and the productivity on that press is amazing. Minimal manning and high efficiency. Based on their data, our ROI calculation fell in place and our choice became obvious.

The Danish market is undergoing a similar consolidation as many if its neighbor countries has gone through. But there´s still several small to mid-size printers and an overcapacity in the market. This investment will give Skive Folkeblad yet another edge to strengthen its position. The system will be in production by end of June this year and even though it´s not the first closed loop density system sold in Denmark (another vendor sold a system in 2014) this start-up marks the date for the first running system on a newspaper press in Denmark.

Closed-loop density control for coldest printing has really kicked off in the last couple of years. With 86 closed-loop cameras sold over the last 12 months, DCOS has taken a market leading role in this segment.

We are very pleased that Skive Folkeblad decided in favor of us and our technology. As always, our existing customers play a major role in our ongoing sales efforts and the support from Nr1Adressatrykk in sharing data, results and hands-on experience during more than a handful of visits was extremely helpful. I think this built the trust and provided the necessary facts needed to make a decision towards investing. A sales person can give hundreds of arguments, but at the end of the day, it’s results and ROI from running systems that represents the only hard facts.” says Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS Sweden AB.

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