Visvaldis Troksa and Mattias Andersson at Contract signing


KINNA, September 16th, 2021 – After a relaxing life at the island of Bornholm in Denmark, this Tensor press will be up for more action on the other side of the Baltic Sea. The Tensor press installed in 2003 on the popular vacation island of Bornholm has had 18 years of very light production and is almost spotless.

Poligrāfijas Grupa MŪKUSALA based in Riga, Latvia has contracted DCOS for the purchase, relocation, upgrade and commissioning of the press. The press will be configured with four T1400 4-high printing towers and one H50 Folder with quarter folder and will replace a Solna D400 and a Goss Community press. The press is equipped with DCOS Drive and control system and AMAL AR60C splicers.

“This press is a perfect fit for us as our existing coldest presses are aging and we are looking to increase our print quality and efficiency. DCOS, with its sister companies Tensor and AMAL, is the ideal partner for us not only to execute the relocation project but also for long term service and support of the press and its systems”, says Visvaldis Trokša, Chairman of the board PGM.

The drive and control system was retrofitted by DCOS in 2019 and is ready for another 15 years of stable operation. In relation to this project DCOS will upgrade the Control System with new Control Desks and an integration of the existing Lincoln ink filling system.
DCOS is now underway with the press dismantling and the installation is scheduled to start in February 2022.

Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS says; “This is probably the best kept used press we have ever sold and I’m happy its new home will be with our friends at PGM. Our relation stretches back 20 years when I commissioned a shatfless extension to their Goss Community press and first got to know Visvaldis and his team. It’s very encouraging to work on another project together!”