Our DRUPA Highlights

The big event in our industry is near to start, the DRUPA expo in Germany. Since many years there has been a cooperation around the exhibitions between Tensor, DCOS and Tolerans and this year is no, different. We have partnered up again, in Hall 15, Booth C50-2.

TENSOR is presenting a couple of new major product improvements this Drupa;

#1   Tensor now offers automatic-plate lock-up on all series of printing units. This is a robust and yet simplistic solution to save a lot of setup time. On a well automated press, the plate up procedure is by far the most labor intensive task that often dictates the amount of press operators needed. This new feature makes it possible to operate a press efficiently with less people. It takes one operator less than two minutes to re-plate a 4-high tower.


#2   Tensors H50HD jaw folder with up to 14 webs capacity is a well-known product that has gone through a major redesign/upgrades;

  • It is now fully shaftless with independent Nip, RTF, Quarter folder and tape drives
  • The nipping section has been completely redesigned with pneumatic nip setting compared to the traditional ways of setting a fixed distance between nips and adjusting with any change in pagination
  • The folder is fitted with a touchscreen for settings, information and adjustments
  • Nips, trolleys and slitters are remotely controlled from the control desk or from the touch screen


DCOS is focusing on the two main topics in the industry today when it comes to automation; RETROFIT and CLOSED-LOOP systems.

#1  DCOS can offer drive and control system RETROFITS on most presses on the market. Our strength is finding the right customized solution for each customer and implementing on a running press. DCOS uses only standard industrial components which contributes to cost effective and future-proof solutions


#2 DCOS introduced the multi-function CRC4 closed-loop color scanner on DRUPA 2012. Four years later it´s fair to say that it was introduced at the right time and it was the right technology; it is a very successful product. Today the functionality has been further extend which we will be presenting at DRUPA. Based on data from all installations we have created a tool for ROI calculations that is providing us and our customers with accurate basis for an investment.

#3 A “one source” supplier

Many printers who are looking at extending service life of their presses by a RETROFIT also decides to increase the automation level by adding CLOSED-LOOP system to stay competitive.

DCOS is unique in our industry in offering both products within one company. DCOS has one R&D department, one software platform, one hardware platform, one project manager team and one team of technician. This makes DCOS cost effective, efficient and well-coordinated.

We look forward to see you in Düsseldorf in the next weeks!


Download Pressrelease as PDF here!