KINNA, February 3rd, 2021 – NWT is short for Nya Wermlands Tidningen, the regional newspaper in the Karlstad area of Sweden with great publishing traditions dating back to 1837. NWT Gruppen AB, the mother company, is a cornerstone in the Swedish and Norwegian media and newspaper industry. Publisher of 16 newspapers, shareholders in Schibsted & Polaris groups in Norway and shareholder in Stampen group in Sweden, NWT Gruppen AB is a vital part of the news media in Scandinavia.

After a procurement process lasting several years with the goal to retrofit and futureproof its printing press, a Goss HT70 from 1995, NWT decided in January 2021 to partner up with DCOS.

After only three months as the new CEO of the NWT group, Sture Bergman didn’t think twice about the decision: “I have a clear ambition to develop and strengthen our digital portfolio, but I’m also convinced the printed products is and will be a vital and important part of our business for a long time to come. Working with DCOS is a proven, reliable and efficient way forward for us.

The Goss HT70 press consist of seven (7) 4-high printing towers and three folders. The current control system from Honeywell will be completely retrofitted by DCOS and the existing DCOS Inspection System will be upgraded with Closed-loop Density and Cut-off control. The project also includes retrofit of seven GOSS CT50P splicers and complete retrofit of the ABB and Bosch Rexroth drive systems.

We have been working with DCOS now for five years since we purchased their Closed-loop Register system in 2015. Besides the Inspection System they have done some minor retrofits for us over the years. Speaking for both myself and our maintenance team; we have never had a vendor that has supported us to such a degree as DCOS, they are always there for us with solutions. Incorporating new ideas, being flexible and reliable. DCOS is definitely our preferred choice and I’m excited about this project”, says Christoffer Andersson, Managing Director, NWT Printing.

The project will be executed in parallel with full production. The pre-installation phase and Quality System retrofit will be completed prior summer and the drive and control system retrofit will start in August after the summer vacation period.
Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS says: “I’m very pleased to win the trust of Sture and Christoffer to be their future automation partner. NWT is a fantastic company and with this project they put themselves in a strong position for future. This is a very exciting project and one of the largest retrofit orders ever for DCOS.

This project represents the fourth Retrofit project of Honeywell press control system done by DCOS.