DCOS to showcase its AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS at IFRA 2019

KINNA, September 26, 2019 – DCOS is very excited to be exhibiting at the upcoming IFRA 2019! This past year DCOS has achieved great success and increased market penetration in Europe, Africa, and North America for our closed loop automation/inspection upgrades, and for our drive and controls retrofits.

Closed loop density, color register and cut-off control upgrades have been installed on Tensor, KBA, manroland, DGM & Goss presses world-wide this past year. We have also seen a keen interest in retrofitting drive and controls system on most press types as printers continue to look for newer, more modern systems with increased supportability to extend the operational life of their presses.

We´ll we have live demo of our Inspection system and our operator control desk.

Please visit us at Hall 21A, stand E.16, to learn how DCOS Automation can work for you!

OTM Avistryk, Bosch Rexroth Retrofit by DCOS

OTM AVISTRYK taps DCOS for large BOSCH REXROTH retrofit

KINNA, August 22, 2019 – DCOS Sweden AB is proud to announce a substantial contract to retrofit the existing Bosch Rexroth drive system at OTM Avistryk Herning-Ikast A/S in Ikast, Denmark. The existing equipment consists of two Goss Universal 45 presses, with a total of twelve 4-high printing towers and two folders installed in early 2000, comprise over 70 drives and motors. The presses are by an EAE press control system and AMAL splicers.

In the 1990’s, Bosch Rexroth, with its well-known brand Indramat, took part in transforming the graphic arts industry from traditional mechanical line shafts to shaftless drive transmission. In the last 20+ years, Shaftless technology has been the predominant method to run and control printing presses and industry leading OEMs like KBA, Goss, DGM, and Solna has relied on Bosch Rexroth´s technology.

Many of these presses were equipped with the DIAX series of drives and the CLC motion controller. All based on SERCOS II fiber optics. Like all electronics, the service life of components is limited and especially on power electronics making the DIAX system a challenge to maintain today. There are many short-term solutions available to extend service life for a few years, but most do not involve any change in technology. This approach only delays the inevitable, which is a complete retrofit in the near future.

In 2015 DCOS developed an industry unique Retrofit concept for the DIAX platform, a step-by-step migration of the old DIAX system to a modern drive system platform, the same platform we use on new presses toady. The investment is targeted towards a new state-of-the-art technology, and gradually the old SERCOS II fiber optic system is removed and replaced with a standardized, non-proprietary Ethernet based bus system.

OTM Avistryk realized a few years back that they needed to extend the operational life of the Bosch Rexroth system on their Goss presses to fight obsolescence and to ensure uptime of their presses.

Frank Haberstroh, Managing Director says; “We are dedicated to printing and predict to do so for a long time. We heard about the DCOS retrofit solution for the DIAX drive system and got very interested as we were seeking for a more long-term approach than what was previously offered to us. We saw a DCOS retrofit on a Universal press and it was very convincing. Originally, we talked about step-by-step retrofit, but in the end, we decide it was more cost effective for us to do a complete retrofit on our six tower, one folder press.”

In April the contact was signed for the retrofit of thirty-two drives and four CLC motion controllers. The proprietary motor encoders will also be replaced by standard encoders. The retrofit will start in the end of August and will be competed in four weeks.

“Creating cost effective solutions with a technical edge has always been the strength of DCOS. I´m particularly proud of this solution. It’s the only truly future-proof solution offered today, completely based on standard hardware, cost-effective, and adaptable step-by-step. OTM Avistryk is the seventh press undergoing an DCOS retrofit of Bosch Rexroth system and we are thankful for the trust Frank and his team relies on us”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO DCOS Sweden AB.