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Great ideas stay young. The DCOS story so far

The best companies in the world are run by people who mean business with their visions. The vision itself needn’t be so grand. An interest that’s been there since childhood. A determination to do what you really always wanted to do. Or a passion for something very specific. And it all starts with an idea. […]

DCOS boilerplate

This is DCOS Swedish company DCOS works with innovative automation for printing houses. The typical client is a newspaper printer. Located in Kinna (pronounced Shinna) in southwest Sweden, DCOS offers products as well as services. The company has been successful ever since starting out in 2004 and has been dubbed a Gazelle and local Entrepreneur […]

Torgau Dryck Northern Saxony, Germany

Torgau Druck in Northern Saxony, Germany is a medium-sized printing house specializing in newspapers and magazines, as well as digital printing. Well-known for being creative and reliable, Torgau Druck certainly has to be up-to-date when it comes to equipment. As for any other printer, there comes a time for reviewing the status of the production […]

La Presse de la Manche – Cherbourg, France

In order to keep up with the competition, any printing house needs to keep a close eye on their machinery. Upgrading is vital, and to most printers the decisive question is whether to invest in new euipment, or rather stick with what they have and improve the performance. The latter is known in the business […]

Retrofit MittMedia Print – Falun, Sweden

MittMedia Print is a major player in the Swedish printing business. With headquarters in the city of Gävle, the company has a further six printing houses in the mid and northern parts of Sweden. In total, there are well over 100 magazines and papers in the client portfolio. THE NEED In Falun, where one of […]

Largest Closed-Loop Density Installation in Northern Europe

Nr1 Adressa-Trykk, located in Orkanger just outside Trondheim, is one of Norway’s most important printing companies with its 29 permanent newspaper titles. Half of the company is owned by Polaris Media A/S and the other half by Amedia A/S, two of Norway’s biggest players in newspaper publishing and production.  Nr1 Adressa-Trykk Orkanger was established in […]

Four presses in Turkey equipped with DCOS Inspection

Two Goss Universal presses and two Tensor T400BE presses have successfully been equipped with DCOS Inspection system.  The Özgun Companies Group which consists of several printing and publishing firms has equipped two of its existing Goss Universal presses with closed loop register and cut-off control systems. New features in the DCOS Inspection system like closed […]

Two printers combine future-proofing with investment in quality and productivity

KINNA, SWEDEN, 11 April 2013 – Mittmedia Print recently finalised a new printing contract with the evening newspaper, Aftonbladet, for its plant in Örnsköldsvik. At the same time, an agreement was also reached to print Sweden’s other national evening paper, Expressen. In addition, the production of own titles will help ensure a bright future for […]