Four presses in Turkey equipped with DCOS Inspection

Two Goss Universal presses and two Tensor T400BE presses have successfully been equipped with DCOS Inspection system. 

The Özgun Companies Group which consists of several printing and publishing firms has equipped two of its existing Goss Universal presses with closed loop register and cut-off control systems.

New features in the DCOS Inspection system like closed loop density control and web guiding was introduced at Drupa 2012. Turkish printer Ada Matbaacilik and the Özgun Companies Group were first out to go live on the web guiding feature on their new Tensor T400BE presses earlier this year. The web guiding feature controls the web lateral position in relation to the center of the former board and keeps the web centered at all times. The adjustments are made from the reel position in the splicers.

“This feature cannot be fully compared with a traditional web-guide with the capability to control the web position in the actual web-guiding unit. Even though the measuring accuracy is better with the DCOS system the web distance from reel to scanner is longer making the control loop slower. But for semi-commercial and coldset printing the performance is very satisfying and the investment is minimal since this feature is combined in the cut-off scanner”, says Andreas Andersson product manager DCOS Inspection systems.

All four installation was sold, installed and commissioned by DCOS local sales and service partner Pasifik Trading.

Two orders were signed last Drupa and IFRA for the DCOS Inspection system’s with closed loop density functionality, Nr1 Trykk in Norway (manroland Uniset press) and BOLD Printing Borås (KBA Colora). Both systems have been sucessfully installed this year and are in daily production. Andreas continues; “we have had a massive interest for the Inspection System since the density feature was introduced and especially since it is now up running, we look forward to share the experience from these installtions with new and existing customers at IFRA in Berlin. We believe closed loop inspection to be one of the most popular topics this year’s IFRA in combination with retorfit of drive & control systems and we look forward to some interesting days”.

Download Pressrelease as PDF here!