First Density & Registrer Control System istallation on a newspaper press in Sweden

KINNA, SWEDEN, October 25, 2012 – DCOS announces the sale of a full scale DRCS inspection system to Swedish printer Borås Tidning Tryckeri (BTT) and their KBA Colora press. This is the first closed loop density system installation on a newspaper press in Sweden.

The family of DRCS inspection systems is a full feature inspection system for newspaper presses and includes; density, register, fan-out, web guide and cut-off functions as well as print defect detection. In combination with the build-in data report functionality the printer will not only benefit from waste/time savings and quality improvement for its productions, the statistic report generator also provide an excellent tool to keep track on the press condition in order to optimize and maximize the productivity and minimize downtime.

The KBA Colora press at BTT has four 4-color towers and one single color unit, all webs will be equipped with the combined CRC4 density and register scanner for each web surface. And each of the 10 ribbons will be equipped with a PTC4 scanner for cut-off and web guide functionality.

Tommy Johnsson, CEO at BTT says; “We were exploring different alternatives to replace our existing register control system, and during this process DCOS presented their new cost-effective approach with combined scanners for density and register and our project grew into investing in a complete inspection system. This system will automate several of our labor intense processes, secure quality consistency and give us a lot of useful production related information”

The installation will take place early 2013 and follow right after the first DRCS density system currently being installed in Norway.

“We are very happy and excited that BTT made a decision in favor for our technology. BTT is a well-respected and successful printer and their plant is a perfect showroom for our DRCS system”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS