DCOS contracted for extensive NORWEGIAN press project

KINNA, March 21th, 2019 – Norwegian newspaper Sunnhordland Trykkeri, located in the town of Leirvik on the island of Stord on the Norwegian west coast, has contracted with DCOS for an extensive press addition and upgrade project. Sunnhordland Trykkeri is a privately-owned newspaper and printshop and one of the few in Scandinavia who is independent from the larger groups. The closing of printshops in the surrounding area of Stord has enabled Sunnhordland Trykkeri to attract more contract work.

The additional newspapers created a need for press expansion and upgrading to meet higher page count and color needs. DCOS will install 3 – Goss Community 4-high towers and a Tensor H50 folder to the existing Goss Community/Global press in a multi-phase installation while maintaining daily production at the facility.

DCOS will perform a complete electrical retrofit replacing existing drives and controls with new drives and controls, a new control console, and converting the shafted drive system to a group shaftless drive configuration of 1-motor per 2-4 High towers. Other DCOS upgrades include adding remote inking and register motors to all current manual 4-High towers.

According to Reidar Hystad, Managing Director at Sunnhordland “In times when consolidation and down-scaling projects are the main topic, it´s encouraging to be in a position where we have many opportunities that allows us to expand our press in terms of page capacity, efficiency and means to future-proofing our drive and control system. With the complexity in a project like this, keeping our production running daily during the six phases of mechanical and electrical work, we were looking for a single partner to handle this complete project for us. DCOS reputation and experience in a project like this was very convincing for us.

Mattias Andersson, Managing Director of DCOS adds “This project showcases all of the unique capabilities of the DCOS family of products and services. Our acquisition of Tensor now allows us to be heavily involved in the mechanical aspects of a project, like the removal and reinstallation of equipment, adding remote inking, along with the traditional DCOS capabilities such as drive, controls, and automatic press registration and density control equipment upgrades.

DCOS will complete the project in April of 2019.