We at DCOS could have personal information about you saved, such as: Name, Telephone number, Addresses and Email addresses.

The purpose of that could either be the fact that you are an employee at DCOS, a customer, a partner or a supplier.

We obtained your information either personally from you, your employer or a third party.

All processing of personal data within DCOS is in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Our legal basis to process your personal information are either consent, in order to fulfill/enter into a contract or that we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data.

Your personal information will be stored by us until they no longer are for any specific use to us. It could be that you no longer are a customer to us or that there is no specific need for us to keep the information. This is something we evaluate in an ongoing process.

You have the right to contact us if you would like to know what personal information, we store about you, to correct the information or to let us know that you no longer want to be a part of our contacts.

To do this please contact us by telephone or email, see below.